President Biden Finally Holds A Press Conference - Did He Say Anything?

It was the longest delay ever for a President. 65 days before Joe Biden finally held a news conference.

The mainstream media loved it, with one NBC gushing that "Biden hit it out of the park."

As for conservatives? Fox News was not allowed to ask a question. So much for unity.

You can hear full and thorough reaction to the Biden press conference on KTRH. There are highlights available at the link below.

Some of the take aways? It was a struggle for the 78-year old President. Biden stayed at the podium for about an hour. But all of the reporters were hand-picked in advance, along with all of the questions.

And for the first time ever for a sitting President, Biden used a 'cheat sheet' for his answers, many of which were incoherent at times.

As for the issues? Basically, Biden continued the push for the federal government to take complete control of our elections. And as for the border crisis? Biden blamed Trump.

Biden also said he is planning to run for re-election.

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