There's a Cruise Line Setting Sail in July

Covid lockdown is causing cruise lines to lose billions. As most cruise lines wait for government guidelines, Crystal Cruises is preparing to set sail this summer. , Crystal Cruise Lines will set sail in July for a 7 night trip around the Bahamas. Patrick Silverwire of Kings Crossing Travel in Humble explains. "They cruise around the islands of the Bahamas - which is one nation. That's what gave them the go-ahead, because the Bahamas agreed to it." The line has set its own stipulations. "Crystal is requiring everyone boarding to have a completed vaccination. They are also requiring a Covid PCR Test prior to the cruise." Also the ship's crew is following stringent covid protocol. Silverwire says passengers can even get off the ship. "The cruise line will actually offer free transfers from the ship to the town center or into the different markets. So everybody gets off and they go shopping!"

Cruise Lines Announce More Delays

Silverware says reserve your cabin now - Nearly 4,000 reservations were made the first day of availability, showing just how much Americans are ready to travel again.

Photo Courtesy Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises Sailing the Summer

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