Texas GOP Leaders Aim to Protect Public Schools from Critical Race Theory

The Texas Legislature plans to put a stop to "critical race theory" in public schools as several districts around the state adopt the idea that white racism is the root of all evil.

Gov. Abbott Abbott is backing House Bill 4509, dubbed the "Informed Patriotism Act."

“All students would be required to study the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the first Lincoln-Douglas debate to really understand the truth about American and its noble ideals,” says Thomas Lindsay, distinguished senior fellow of higher education and constitutional studies at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“The 1619 Project, critical race theory, culturally responsive teaching, that's what Chicago just passed,” he says. “You're going to see bullying and demonizing people based not on the content of their character, but instead on the color of their skin.”

Lindsay says critical race theory has been slowly seeping into public schools for a couple of decades already, and may take just as long to root out.

“We all know better, but unfortunately our students aren't getting the education they need anymore, by which I mean they're not getting the facts,” he says. “Unless we address that, we are going to be raising a generation of children who don't know who they are or where they are.”

The Republican-led legislature is expected to adopt "Informed Patriotism Act," though it has yet to receive a committeee assignment.

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