Has America Lost It's Religion In Favor Of Political Ideology?

In case you didn't know? The United States of America has a constitution, and it was based on Judeo-Christian values.

Today? We have seemingly gone from 'one nation under God', to 'one nation that is over God'.

Politics have become our new national religion. Half the country votes for candidates that believe in God, while the other half believes that the candidates themselves are gods.

The issue is, while the left talks and promotes 'love and tolerance', they really have zero tolerance for those who believe in God and not their radical agenda.

Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values told KTRH, "A lot of it has to do with a growing disrespect of the church, and people forgetting that there is a line that our government should not be crossing, and it goes all the way back to the founding of our country. There's a reason why freedom of religion is in the First Amendment, that's how important it is."

And that is why so many on the left want to do away with the constitution. It's become an alarming trend and movement. From religious freedom, we are now on the cusp of religious persecution. You must kneel and obey us, not your God.

"We see government officials, many of them in the Biden administration, if you don't agree with them on the issues of sexuality and gender, if you don't agree with them on protection of an innocent child in the womb, they want you to be punished" Saenz says. "They want you to be seen as someone who should not even be allowed to have a church."

Love, tolerance, inclusion, and freedom. But only if you believe.

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