HPOU Prez: Sick to stomach after accused cop killer bonds out

The man accused of murdering HPD Sgt. Sean Rios during a shootout along the North Freeway back in November is freed on bond.

Robert Soliz, 24, was arrested during a traffic stop along Interstate 10 Katy Freeway a day after the fatal shooting. He was charged with murder for the death of Sgt. Sean Rios, 47, a 25-year veteran of the Houston Police Department.

Soliz was free on a misdemeanor bond for carrying a handgun in a vehicle when he was charged with Rios’ murder.

Robert Soliz was granted a $750,000 bond, so he had to come up with just $75,000.

Doug Griffith with the Houston Police Officers Union told Houston's Morning News he was shocked.

"This is ridiculous that they would let this clown out of jail. When I got the call I was sick to my stomach," Griffith said. "Sean was actually a friend of mine, and to see this guy walking the streets after claiming to be indigent after he was first arrested is beyond me."

You can listen to the rest of the interview below.

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