War Games Over China Suggest U.S. Would Lose After Biological Attack

The U.S. Air Force has been simulating war games against China amid recent tensions between the two countries and the results are not good for the United States.

In a simulated, highly classified war game over Taiwan (carried out last fall), the military found the U.S. would lose badly to China. The Air Force created a scenario about a decade in the future in which China used a biological weapon that swept through American bases and warships in the Pacific. Then afterwards, the Chinese military successfully invaded the island.

“COVID has taught the United States a painful lesson about rethinking the way in which the Unites States would have to deal with rapid spread of disease, to think about better coordination between the states and the federal government,” Rodger Baker, a strategic analyst for Stratfor, a RANE Company, said.

Baker says the reported war games are not all bad news. He said war games in general give our military the chance to plan for and adapt to possible threats and dangerous situations (including ones where they have a disadvantage), so they will be better prepared.

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