If Unemployment Is So High, Why Do So Many Small Businesses Have Openings?

It's the gift that keeps on giving. The Biden administration's latest Covid relief package has not only extended benefits.

It has also extended this truth: they've made it more beneficial -not- to work!

Despite the national unemployment numbers, and the push to finally re-open and end the lockdowns, a new report says that 40% of small business owners are having trouble filling job openings.

Why? Because they can make more staying at home collecting unemployment checks than they would if they went back to work.

"They had good intentions" says Hank Lewis, economics professor at Lone Star College but, "as long as they qualify for the benefits there's more of an incentive to stay home and watch Netflix than there is to actually find a job."

Lewis also told KTRH that small businesses have to rely on word of mouth, and they don't have the draw of the big names.

But as the vaccine rollout continues, and more and more people get back out, Lewis believes the work force will return as well.

"We're going to see more people back to work" Lewis said. "This money is being spent, and money is the life blood of the economy."

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