Donors who give fewer than 200 Dollars replacing Corporate Donations to GOP

Political Fund Raising is changing for the G.O.P.

Corporations seem to be shying away from donating to the Republican Party - especially after the January 6th Capital Breach. Donations are up in a big way to GOP politicians - not from corporations but from individual small donors. Donors who give fewer than 200 dollars have more than replaced any loss incurred. Cathie Adams: "Most of America learned a lot from Donald Trump. We learned where to look and how to look and what our responsibilities are." Many say this is a sign that the corporate financial boycott of the GOP has had limited effect...and is an example of their shrinking influence in U.S. politics.

Former Texas Party Chair Cathie Adams says that's not bad news. "As for the corporate world not giving --- that means they have less influence in politics than we the people do. That's good news. " Adams says individual donors who give less than 200 dollars are now making up for any corporate loss. "If we want a 'say' - we're going to have to support our candidates. It DOESN'T mean we have to be million dollar givers."

Cathie Adams serves on the national board of the Conservative Interest Group Eagle Forum.

GOP donations of $200 or less make a huge difference

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