It's Time To Change The Way Congress Writes Bills

The next round of stimulus checks are on the way. $1,400 is the headline number. But the real figure is that only 9% of the $1.9 trillion dollar package is actually going to Covid relief.

Remember when politics and government affairs were an afterthought? Now we're looking at a massive amount of national debt that is going to be with us for generations to come.

To many in the political arena, this is not a surprise. Democrats, now with the majority, are making up for lost time after being handcuffed over the last four years.

Political scholar Merrill Matthews told KTRH, "Democrats are on a mad rush to do everything. They know there's a good chance they're going to lose the House, and so they feel like they've got to get as much done as they can this year."

And that is because the midterms are coming up in 2022, and as Matthews said, the Republicans are expected to take over control of Congress.

The Democrats were in this position before in 2009, and ended up getting burned under Barack Obama. Now after learning from that mistake, the Democrats are trying to push through as much of their radical agenda as possible.

The question is, do we now need to re-examine, and change, the way Congress writes bills?

As pointed out, 'The Covid Relief' bill isn't really about covid relief at all! It's loaded with pork, and Democrat bail outs and pet projects. Merrill Matthews says, "this was meant to be a spending spree for things the Democrats have wanted to do for sometime. They were able to get a lot in this, and there's more to come!"

No debate, no conversation, and no accountability.

The U.S. House Of Representatives Convenes 117th Congress

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