Covid Schools: There Is A District In Texas That Didn't Close


There has been more than enough written and said about the mask mandate debate, and lockdowns.

But two things we never hear about? Especially from the mainstream media? Covid recovery stories, and places that have not shut down and are doing just fine.

Case in point, the Peaster ISD outside of Fort Worth. They made the decision, as community, to stay open and allow their kids to have a full and normal school year. And we are happy to report that they are doing great. Again, you won't hear about it because it goes against the fear narrative. But light and truth always win out over darkness.

Lance Johnson, the superintendent of the Peaster ISD told KTRH, "No issues, not outbreaks. We had homecoming, we had our fall festival and pancake supper, our own stock show. We've had no cancellations."

It wasn't easy though. Johnson said he prayed to God "more than I ever have", seeking guidance and wisdom to make the right call. With a daughter of his own who is in 5th grade, Johnson said he went back and forth between what was best for his family, and for the entire district.

"We made a commitment in front of our entire community, I said how about Peaster, Texas be ground zero for spreading love and faith instead of fear?" Johnson said. "There's is absolutely zero science, and zero data that we should be afraid of kids with the Corona-virus. In fact, school is probably the safest place you can be."

If that wasn't bad enough, Peaster was severely criticized for opting to stay open. But now that they're doing so well? They haven't heard a thing.

Superintendent Lance Johnson hopes their story will shine a light , and show that good things are still possible too. Even if the mainstream media won't tell you about it.

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