Conservatives Say “COVID” Bill Latest Push Towards Medicare-for-All

Conservatives continue to sound the alarm about President Biden’s "COVID-19" relief bill. Policy experts say the bill includes the biggest expansion of government healthcare spending since Obamacare.

They are worried Biden’s "COVID-19" relief bill is a first step towards a Medicare-for-All system that's unsustainable.

Policy experts say our country is already in a financial shortfall with the current Medicare system, and that would only get worse if it's expanded. However, Ryan Ellis, the president of the Center for a Free Economy, says that’s what Democrats are trying to do.

“They’re expanding these government programs on the margin to cover more and more people. So that more and more of us before we even realize it, like a frog getting boiled slowly in a pot, ends up on government-provided health insurance,” Ellis said.

He adds one of the biggest problems in the recent stimulus bill is the massive spending for Medicaid and Obamacare. Ellis argues Republicans need to do a better job of openly supporting individually based coverage through the private sector.

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