Covid: The Economy 1-Year Later

Hard to believe it's only been a year since the Covid pandemic rocked our world.

And despite all of the doom and gloom from the left late last year, the economic outlook for 2021 might be better than expected.

The majority of the credit belongs to President Trump for what he did last year, capped off by operation 'warp speed'. But the vaccine rollout, along with states like Texas re-opening, and another round of stimulus checks will also provide a spark.

Bill Dendy, president of Elite Financial told KTRH, "The economy looks like it's ready to get back to pre-pandemic levels. We're just about back to where we were."

So much so, some are calling for a 'Christmas in spring'! Financial expert Derrick Kinney told KTRH, "those people receiving stimulus checks probably can't get this money soon enough", with Kinney adding that "For some it may feel like Christmas in spring, and many retailers will be the beneficiaries."

And while that is all good, there is a new survey that shows more than half of working adults are still very concerned about the future. Bill Dendy says it's simple. "When the consumer is confident that they will have a job, they feel more comfortable spending money." But if not? Derrick Kinney says "so much worry is still in the market, and in consumers minds."

Both Dendy and Kinney advise to not only focus on the national economy, but more importantly, they say you need to stay locked in on your own economy.


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