Abbott to KTRH: "I am angry" over border crisis

The Biden Administration is only talking about the crisis at the border when they are absolutely forced to. President Biden himself was ushered out of an event when a reporter asked him about what's been happening. But, Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn't shy about expressing his feelings over the situation.

"I am angry. The Biden administration has suddenly opened the doors to the border of the United States of America," Abbott told Houston's Morning News.

The administration has been trying to say they inherited the situation. But Abbott has the numbers to show that's not the truth.

"In the Rio Grande Valley Sector alone, the totality of the number of apprehensions last year, for the entire year, was 90-thousand. In the first two and a half months this year, apprehensions are far more than that - 108,000," Abbott expllained.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

Greg Abbott

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