15 Insane Things In Democrats H.R. 1 Bill Will Corrupt Elections Forever

If you thought the Covid relief bill was filled with a lot of bad stuff? Wait until you see what's coming in H.R.1!

Labeled as the 'For the people act', H.R.1 would completely overhaul our U.S. election process.

And for the people? No, it would be strictly for the Democrats.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz correctly calls it "the universal voter fraud law."

Joy Pullman, the executive editor of The Federalist wrote an aptly titled piece: 15 Insane Things In Democrats' H.R.1 Bill To Corrupt Elections Forever.

With some help from the Heritage Foundation, it takes a deep dive in the 800 page bill, but the main take away is that a majority of what's in it is completely unconstitutional.

"Rather than fixing many, many problems that are real, this bill seeks to institutionalize and expand them" Pullman told KTRH.

Basically, instead of allowing states to run their own elections individually, H.R.1 would have the federal government take over, primarily with mail-in balloting. And if you happen to be a short in a tight race? Just whip up some ballots and you're good.

The number '1' means it is the Democrats #1 priority. "This is their top priority for their fresh control of the government" Pullman says adding, "this bill really seems designed to increase voter doubt and distrust in elections rather than the opposite, which is a really concerning thing considering the election we just went through."

The one saving grace? At least for now? Even H.R1 has already passed in the House, the bill will need 60 votes in the Senate which is unlikely. Unless the Democrats take it to the next level by eliminating the filibuster.

Pullman points out "This bill would be a disaster", while Senator Cruz says "they're trying to take this moment in time and lock their control in permanently."

And now we know it's coming. Pullman implores conservatives to contact their local Senators. Like the Democrats, make it priority #1.

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