Texas Opens For Business Wednesday - Masks Or Not

It is now official: Texas is open 100%, and there is no more mask mandate.

Governor Greg Abbott announced the executive order last week. All statewide requirements to wear masks in public have been lifted, along with any Covid-19 restrictions for businesses.

The big move has received mostly praise across the state of Texas, although some Democrats have been critical. They fear re-opening will lead to another spike. The reality is, most businesses are still going to require masks, so not much is going to change on that front. And if there is a sudden rise, the Governor has given local Judges the authority to use Covid mitigation strategies in their county.

In Montgomery County, they have been open for several months and have some of the lowest covid numbers in the state. State Congressman Steve Toth, who represents Montgomery County told KTRH, "Nothing new for us in Montgomery County. We have one of the lowest infection rates in all of Texas, so what does that tell you?"

And so what is congressman Toth expecting today? "I am expecting a whole lot of nothing. The reality is we've done so much to make people walk in fear, that I don't really think anything is going to change all that much as far as mask usage."

Probably the most significant change in Texas? Governor Greg Abbott said it himself. "People and businesses don't need the state telling them how to operate any longer."

Texas is now open.

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