What's happening to all those weddings that were postponed last year?

Weddings planned for 2020 either went really small or were postponed till this year. Lisa Belleto of On Cloud Nine Events says many of her weddings have even been postponed more than once! Others canceled and some went much smaller - cutting out all but a few guests. But still, planners and venues are working to accommodate a surge of bigger weddings coming down the pike. She says some keep on postponing. "Some were delayed a full year -- but when this year came around, and they still wanted to have the wedding of their dreams, they decided to delay it once more until the fall of this year." And others are going smaller and cutting down on 'out out-of-towners.' "Most couples' guest count is slimmed down to people whom they are most familiar with. It's all because of Covid."

Weddings are Expensive - Even for the Guests!

Belleto says venues, like planners, are working overtime to get this year's as well as last year's delayed weddings scheduled in the last months of 2021. "Especially the larger venues will be busy. If they should be mandated to decrease their occupancy numbers by half of what the area holds...and the venue holds 500 people - you can still have a pretty large wedding."

She predicts the fall will bring more weddings to life --- all the way into 2022.

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Wedding During Covid

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