Call Him Hidin' Biden - Why Sleepy Joe Continues To Hide From The Media

Not only are Americans still waiting for their stimulus checks ($1,400 not the promised $2,000) how about a Joe Biden press conference?

Is Biden Hidin'? It's been over six weeks since Biden has been the President, but he has yet to take any questions from the media.

Under mounting criticism, Biden's new press secretary Jen Psaki announced on Monday that Biden will hold a news conference "before the end of the month", and the President is now set to deliver his first speech in primetime, on Thursday night.

Adam Goodman, a media expert and Fox News contributor told KTRH, "Biden is struggling", adding that "maybe they have made the calculation that it's worth taking the hits for being more under wraps, than to allow Joe Biden to become unwrapped."

The Democrats were criticized before the election for 'keeping Biden in the basement'. And now, not only is he not taking questions, Jen Psaki will only answer questions that have been pre-screened in advance! Goodman says can you imagine if that happened under Trump? "that would have been headline news. They're trying to control the message as best they can."


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