American companies have made some big changes since this time last year.

Most businesses are working very differently than they were last year - especially with remote working becoming the norm. Human Resources Expert Jill Hickman says remote employees can live anywhere and supervisors are having to learn new management skills, but most are seeing the benefits. Organizations are saying, "' did work.' And they are finding it's not just productive for them to work like this - it's also costing them less money."

She says her studies show most remote employees find the changes beneficial. "They are still productive, don't have to commute and still have a life where they can enjoy their family." She says with up-to-date technology in place, supervisors are learning how to manage productivity of their off-site staff, and hire new staff from all over the country.

The Stay At Home Economy is Here to Stay

"Organizations are still keeping their people home. Some are managing a 'hybrid-type' or operation where some are in the office and rotate in and out of the office. Some have employees who have never returned to the workplace."

Hickman predicts companies will stay with remote workers making up the majority of their workforce even after Covid is just a memory.

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Remote Business Team Management

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