Houston Leaders Implore Houston Night Club to Cancel the Mask Off Party

Sunday afternoon (3-7-2021) Houston leaders from many walks of life [Politics - Local and State, Medical, and Community Impact Groups] gathered in front of a Houston bar that is planning to throw a "Mask Off Party" on Wednesday night (3-10-2021) to celebrate Governor Abbott's Mandate: Lifting capacity and mask restrictions on Texas businesses including restaurants and bars.

Mayor Turner spoke out against the governor's mandate all together. He was wearing 2 masks to insure safety.

State Representative Ann Johnson implored the bar to cancel the event. And applauded hospitality and retail businesses that are following the basics: guests must wear masks, observe social distancing and supply hand sanitizer for staff and guests.

Mike Van Dusen, Leader of Super Neighborhood 22 which includes the location of the bar that is planning the party. Van Dusen explained past activities and problems from the location.

Mayor Sylvester Turner and other Houston leaders

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