George Floyd Police Reform Bill Unlikely to Pass Senate

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee this weekend, along with friends and family of George Floyd, celebrated House passage of a police reform package in his name, but its future is still in doubt in the Senate.

Senate Republicans are fighting to keep qualified immunity for individual police officers, but the Lincoln Network's Arthur Rizer, a former patrol officer and military police officer, says it's time for that to go away.

"This idea that cops play by a different set of rules than if you beat me up, you would be held to a different set of rules, I think that is outrageous,” he says. “People have pointed out it doesn't affect that many cases. If it doesn't affect that many cases than why do you fight so hard against it?”

Rizer says he's unsure the overall bill, if passed, will appease the BLM and "defund police" movements.

“Minneapolis already had a policy on chokes. That was because of culture. We need to do something about culture. These band aid fixes, while they have some good points, I'm not sure it's going to have any meaningful effect. But I hope I'm wrong.”

“On the ground truth is there's 18,000 different people who call themselves chief or sheriff,” he says. “Every city has a little bit different need, so we need ensure we are talking about police reform in ways that will help shape what policing can look like at the local level.”

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