Texas and the Turtles: A Love Story

One of the remarkable stories to come out of the freeze of '21 is Texas and the turtles.

Houston Zoo personnel working with Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas A&M Galveston rescued 37 green sea turtles, which were taken to the Trident, A&M Galveston's offshore research vessel.

Padre Island National Seashore staff rescued hundreds, while in Cameron County, Texas game wardens pulled 141 paralyzed sea turtles from the Brownsville Ship Channel.

It happened all up and down he gulf coast.

Turtles, cold blooded, can't regulate temperature, and when their surroundings drop below 50 degrees the turtles are physically stunned, they can't swim, and are extremely vulnerable.

25 of the Houston rescued turtles were released back into the wild.

Green turtles are an endangered species, and thousands were rescued last week, many by volunteers.

photo: Getty Images

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