The White House Considers Gun Control With or Without Congress

President Joe Biden has been making gun control a top priority during February.

White House officials like Susan Rice and Cedric Richmond are in talks with gun control activists, who are asking the president for more restrictions.

“There are three main avenues that the anti-gun crowd uses to dismantle Second Amendment rights. It’s who can possess a gun: We’re talking about further age restrictions, Red Flag laws, etc. There’s what guns you can possess: We’re talking about ‘assault weapons ban’, high capacity magazine ban. Then, the third avenue of attack is where you can possess your gun. I think in their perfect world, it would have to be dismantled in your home only,” Attorney Emily Taylor, with US LawShield, said.

Legal experts say it's possible President Biden will use his executive authority to impose more restrictions without Congress. Taylor believes the administration is likely to chip away at laws and policies important to Second Amendment supporters. Gun control wasn’t part of Biden’s first round of dozens of executive orders in January and February.

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