Texas Republicans Look to Rein In HOAs

Texas lawmakers are again going after overreaching HOA restrictions during the legislative session.

Houston Republican state Sen. Paul Bettencourt calls SB 581 a "slam dunk. "It specifically bars HOAs from restricting religious displays.

“An 18-inch cross that said ‘He has risen’ is being taken out by a homeowner in Katy, this is just preposterous,” he said. “Homeowners either own their yard or the HOA does. I vote for the homeowner.”

“The fact that I’m having to file a bill to make sure that homeowners have that ability to be able to have a religious symbol in their front yard, it kind of gets me riled, but I’ll do it.”

Bettencourt says such policies are un-American, and quite frankly, un-Texan.

“You go back the founding of America with the Mayflower Compact, it’s all based upon liberty. It’s based upon freedom of speech. It’s based upon religious liberty. This is why America exists as the land of the free. It’s one of the tenants, religious liberty.”

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