Republicans Eyeing Five Texas House Seats in 2022

National Republicans are already targeting Houston Democrat Lizzie Fletcher and four other Texas House seats in 2022.

Fletcher, Rep. Colin Allred in Dallas, and three South Texas Democrats are all in the GOP's cross hairs. Rice University's Mark Jones calls it a little premature given state Republicans have yet to draw up new congressional boundaries.

"Depending on what Republicans decide to do in Austin with the redistricting, Fletcher certainly would be one of the more vulnerable Democrats and perhaps Allred," he says.

Republicans so have some ammo with President Biden's recent executive orders.

"Fletcher, and to a lesser extent Reps Henry Cueller and Vicente Gonzalez are vulnerable on energy issues simply because of the position the national Democratic Party has," says Jones.

But if Troy Nehls, Dan Crenshaw and Michael McCaul find themselves in a tight race, Jones says the party may have to give up Fletcher's seat to keep the others.

And the GOP must expand on President Trump's support among Latino voters.

"If Texas Republicans are going to flip any of those three South Texas seats, they're going to do so by winning a majority of the Latino vote or near majority of the Latino vote," he says.

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