Latest Covid Trend - Longer Stays at airbnb

For many Houston area families, work and school can be done from any location.Texans are seeking a break from working and going to school from their own homes and are staying for a month or longer at someone else's home through airbnb. airbnb's Liz DeBold Fusco says Covid has brought on longer stays. "As we were all beginning to quarantine, to change the scenery a little bit, a larger share of airbnb guests were booking accommodations for areas including ones in not too far from their own homes for all lengths of days including weeks at a time!" A recent airbnb survey says what Americans really miss travel. "And the travel that they specifically miss is being able to be with their friends and their families and in a big home being able to reunite with their family and friends."

Harris County Airbnb hosts earned $19+M during biggest weekends of 2019

The pandemic has brought much needed income for new American airbnb hosts who have made about 4 thousand dollars each so far during the pandemic. "The shift in the way people travel has created economic opportunity for people to earn needed income by listing their home on airbnb. Fusco says it's a world wide phenomena "New airbnb hosts who have welcomed their FIRST airbnb guests since the start of the pandemic have earned more than a billion dollars globally in just this past year."

Fusco says your can rent a tree house with wifi, and an adobe dome in Terlingua.

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Covid brings longer airbnb stays

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