Inspecting Bridges, Roads for Possible Ice Damage

Road crews across Texas are still assessing the damage caused by last week's ice storm.

Houston is already inundated with pot holes, uneven concrete and aging bridges. TXDOT'S Danny Perez says ice damage is likely, though nothing major has popped up yet.

“Right now we're not seeing any significant impact, but we want to make sure we continue to look and see if there's any issues. That's a continuous effort with our different maintenance section,” he says.

“We're going to look at everything from our structures, our bridges, our roadways. But in addition, we want to prepare for the next event, if there is a next event. Can we improve? Are there things we can do better?”

Perez says any weather-related work should be covered under local, state and federal disaster declarations.

“We're always looking at opportunities to partner with other agencies, working with our federal partners including FEMA and agencies that do assist in these types of situations.”

Calls seeking comment from Houston Public Works were not returned.

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