Astros Foundation Giving out Thousands of Cases of Water This Weekend

With so many people without clean water now, yesterday (2-20-2021) the Astros Foundation and Brothers Produce got together and gave away 18 thousand cases of water to hundreds of grateful families...some of whom talked to our tv partner channel 2. "It has been rough...but it's getting better. The Astros giving us this water is really great." It's not anything that I have ever been through before - and anything my family has experienced before." "It has been a challenge. But we're still blessed."

Going without drinking water for days is hard on a family. Today (2-21-2021) they will do it all again - with the City of Houston joining in. Twila Carter of The Astros Foundation told Channel 2, "The fact that we can provide this assistance to those who need it has been for me personally heartwarming . It is for all of these volunteers who are out here as well."

Today's location is Butler Stadium on Highway 90 and the Fort Bend Toll Road. The actual distribution (drive-by) will begin at 2 in the afternoon.

Astros Foundation Gives out Cases of Water - Again

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