Insurers Slammed With Thousands of Claims from Texas Winter Storm

The damage caused by our winter storms was so extensive, it could result in the largest number of insurance claims in Texas history.

Insurance companies are already slammed with thousands of claims by Texans with water damage. However, unlike a regional hurricane or tornado, the recent winter storms were a state-wide event. So, the total number of claims may end up in the hundreds of thousands.

“Pipes are still thawing right not. They’re frozen and once they thaw out, then that water damage will start surfacing,” Camille Garcia, the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for the Insurance Council of Texas. “Secondly, we still have a lot of people that don’t have internet, cell services, and in some cases, power.”

Garcia says it's too soon to estimate a total dollar amount. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey results in a 19 billion dollar loss for insurance companies.

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