FRIDAY AM: Just one more frozen morning to go

Here's the latest on this week's winter weather that has crippled the state.

As of 8am, CenterPoint says it has more than 8-thousand customers without power right now. ERCOT claims we were seconds away for what it called "catastrophic monthslong blackouts," which is why they made the decision to start rolling blackouts Monday. The answer didn't satisfy Governor Greg Abbott.

"Texans deserve answers about why these shortfalls occurred and how they will be directed. Texans will get those answers," Abbott said.

A Federal investigation will be getting underway, and FERC Chairman Rich Glick says Texas should rethink its solo approach to the electrical grid. The Texas Senate starts their inquiry next week.


  • The boil water notice remains in effect for the city and other areas. Mayor Sylvester Turner says we might not get that lifted until Monday. Water pressure could stabilize today.
  • At least 47 deaths - 30 in Texas - are blamed on the weather. Galveston County DA Jack Roady says his office will now get involved with a criminal investigation. There have been at least seven deaths in Galveston County because of the weather.
  • Grocery stores are open, and supplies are coming back. Kroger and HEB both say you might not find everything you want, though.
  • More restaurants are returning to operations, as much as they can with the boil water notices in effect. A lot of places are doing curbside or takeout - so call.
  • Gas went up another three cents around the city to an average of $2.22 a gallon
  • No issues at the airports this morning. But the winter weather has impacted other areas, so check with your carrier if you're flying today.
  • Schools remain closed for today.
  • Tonight's game between the Rockets and Dallas Mavericks has been postponed.

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