STORM UPDATE: City of Houston now under boil water notice

As promised, the second winter storm of the week is hitting Southeast Texas. Unfortunately it is having major impacts.

CenterPoint, as of 9:15AM, says that nearly 1.9 Million remain without power. That is even though ERCOT says they are restoring power to about 600-thousand people. Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District says we could be dealing with the fallout for longer than the weather lasts.

"Until we can get generation up to meet demand, we are going to continue to have issues with power outages. We could have issues maybe into the weekend or longer," Lindner stated.

Several cities in the Greater Houston area have issued boil water notices, including the city of Houston itself. Katy, Seabrook, Jersey Village and Pearland, are all also under boil water notices. We have a complete list HERE.

Galveston is dealing with a different water issue. County Judge Mark Henry says they have run out of water on the island.

"We have no water in the city of Galveston. They can't get the supply in because of broken pipes. This has become a significant issue for us today," Henry stated,

Henry also called for a refrigerated truck that can hold up to 50 bodies. He says he hears it's necessary.

"The county ambulance service confirmed to us they transferred 10 DOA's yesterday.

We are seeing more incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning as people try to keep warm. Harris County alone has had more than 300 cases of this. Do not run your car inside your garage as a way to keep warm.

As of yesterday Bush and Hobby Airport were back up and running. If that changes we will let you know.

Numerous school closures in the area because of the weather, power, and water problems. We have that list for you HERE.

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