Houston's about to see the worst winter weather we've had in decades

If you're thinking that it hasn't been this cold in decades here in Houston, you're right. It hasn't. But that's not the worst part. What's coming is.

We are keeping track of a storm that has already made an impact in Texas with a 133-car pileup in Fort Worth that killed six people. We will be dealing with rain and cold temperatures through Sunday. Starting on Sunday night it gets even dicer.

As temperatures dip below freezing, we could see snow, especially north of the city. We could be dealing with sleet and freezing rain. The uncertainty has Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District concerned.

"We don't know if we are talking about freezing rain, sleet, snow, or a combination of all of it," Lindner told Houston's Morning News.

There are two things he does know. The first is timing.

"The focus is on that Sunday night through Monday time frame. Anything that falls will either freeze or stick to the ground. Even surface streets can become an issue," he explained.

Lindner is concerned most about freezing rain.

"If we get more freezing rain, you have more potential impact to trees and power line, which could lead to power outages," Lindner stated.

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