Who foots the bill for the National Guard in Washington? You do.

The National Guard remains in Washington, DC, and at a bigger price than you even realize.

And it's costing you, the taxpayer, $438 million dollars. Not the city of Washington, DC. Not any one particular state. Nope. Taxpayers in general, and all for things Democrats used to speak out against.

"There were many statements made by Nancy Pelosi about walls being immoral," political analyst Debbie Georgatos says.

Georgatos told KTRH that not only is Pelosi flip flopping; she's sending everyone a message. Don't mess with the political ruling class.

"They basically are telling people they don't have a role or place in Washington; the ruling elite has spoken, she stated.

That's the same message she sent to Donald Trump. The good news is that Texas is one of a handful of states that recalled the National Guard.

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