Poll: Americans Still Struggling to Trust COVID Vaccine

New polling shows many Americans are still not convinced the current COVID vaccines are worth the risk of possible side effects.

More than half of those surveyed by Invisibly Realtime Research, said they were unlikely or very unlikely to receive the vaccine.

“Essentially they're concerned about possible side effects. Some of it leans into not trusting the government generally, but a lot of it is this wait and see. I want to see my friends are not harmed. I want to see that health and frontline workers are not harmed,” says Dr. Don Vaughn, head of product for the data company.

The differences are much wider when it comes to age and politics.

“Individuals aged 55 and above are actually twice as likely as the rest of the age groups to get the vaccine in the near future,” says Vaughn. “People most likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine tend to lean Democratic, whereas those who affiliate with the Republican status are less likely to get the vaccine immediately.”

Vaughn believes local, state and federal officials need to better communicate who is eligible and where to get vaccinated.

“Even with all the focus on COVID, over half of Americans, nearly two-thirds don't know if they're eligible and how to get the vaccine,” he says.

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