NRA Lawsuit Seeks to Remove Leadership

The once proud National Rifle Association now finds itself in court battles against disgruntled members, while also fleeing a federal probe in New York for the more gun-friendly confines of North Texas.

Attorney Elliot Schuchardt represents an NRA member alleging fraud, financial misconduct, and misuse of charitable funds by some executives. They're asking a bankruptcy court judge to remove the NRA's leadership and appoint a trustee.

Longtime CEO Wayne Lapierre and other executives are accused of spending tens-of-millions spent on luxury suits, private flights and family vacations.

Schuchardt says if the case is granted class-action status, current members could be in-line for a hefty payout.

“There are allegations, at least from the New York state case, that approximately $64 million went astray,” he says. “It could be fairly big case which could have a significant impact for anyone who has donated in the recent period.”

He believes this is why the biggest gun lobby filed for bankruptcy and reincorporated to Texas.

“They're trying to get out of that regulatory case by moving the corporate headquarters to a different state, but I'm not sure they're going to be successful in doing so.”

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