Millions of Americans Making Plans to Travel Again in 2021

With 2020 now in the rearview mirror, Americans are making plans to travel.

Millions are ready to get away after spending almost a year living the quarantine lifestyle. A new survey by IPX 1031 finds 58 percent of Americans plan to travel in 2021. A third of those are planning to take a vacation as early as this spring.

“People are eager to take vacations. However, most are still heeding the warnings, and they’re being very cautious about where they’re going. More domestic travel, more road trips,” Matthew Phillips, AARP’s Director of Travel, said.

Phillips says most professionals took less vacation time in 2020, so there is some pent up demand. However, he also notes restrictions still keeping Americans from taking cruises or hiking across Europe. The survey found a small group (11 percent) don't plan to travel this year. The top reason for their staying home: still not feeling safe amid the pandemic.

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