Biden DOJ Clearing Out Trump-Appointed US Attorneys

The Biden administration continues to clean house of any Trump holdovers. The Department of Justice has asked dozens of U.S. attorneys appointed by President Donald Trump to resign by the end of February.

Michael Wynne is a former assistant U.S. attorney. He says this has become standard procedure over the past couple decades.

“I guess they could refuse to resign, but the result would not be good. And I would be surprised if any of them, given the levels they have achieved, would refuse to resign,” he says.

Of the 94 US attorneys serving in districts across the country, 25 are serving in acting positions after some Trump appointees resigned ahead of the Biden inauguration.

However, the U.S. attorney overseeing the Hunter Biden tax probe, and one investigating Trump's relationship with Russia will stay on.

“Sometimes there's so much institutional in particular incidents that it would be inefficient to replace wholesale.”

The clean sweep is something Trump was criticized for not doing fast enough when he took office, feeding theories about a Deep State government within his administration.

“It's political not in the pejorative sense that we've all come know in recent years, but it's a matter of having your management team that you're comfortable with in office and in place carrying out your prerogatives and policies,” said Wynne.

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