State Republicans Push To End In-State Tuition Rates for Illegal Immigrants

A couple of state lawmakers are proposing a bill that would end in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants.

At the heart of the issue is universities in the Lone Star State charging students from outside Texas more in tuition than some students who don't have legal U.S. status. Republicans like Jeff Cason and Bryan Slaton say your tax dollars shouldn't reward illegal immigration.

There's also a separate lawsuit challenging the Texas Education Code on the same issue of in-state tuition.

“If you’ve made this policy choice for in-state rates for illegal aliens, you have to give the same tuition rate to all United State students regardless of residency,” Robert Henneke, General Counsel at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said.

Henneke says the only other option for the state is for illegal immigrants to be paying more tuition. He says their think tank has sided with a college student who is suing the University of North Texas over the issue. Henneke would prefer the solution to be all students pay the same lower rate.

The bill in Austin doesn't seem likely to pass, as state Democrats have blocked similar ones before.

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