Report: Texas Lost 35,000 Construction Jobs During Pandemic

You wouldn't know it by the all the high-rises going up in the Galleria area, but Texas lost more than 35,000 construction jobs during the pandemic.

Ken Simonson is chief economist of the Associated General Contractors of America. He says while residential construction remains strong, commercial and taxpayer funded projects grinded to a halt.

“Commercial side and public works has dropped off so sharply that nationwide there's been a decline in overall construction employment,” he says.

Simonson says cities, counties and states are facing massive revenue losses due to COVID lockdowns.

“Public agencies that suddenly a loss of revenues and unbudgeted expenditures, it's a lot easier to put off construction than to layoff people or to stop benefits.”

He thinks commercial construction will remain flat as companies downsize offices or renovate their current buildings.

“On net, I think office construction is one that is headed down,” Simonson added. “And of course when people aren't going to offices, they don't go to the nearby restaurants, dry cleaners or other services.”

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