American Universities, Public Schools Aiding China's Soft Power Campaign

Sen. Ted Cruz has been sounding the alarm for years about the threat of China in U.S. schools, most recently when he questioned President Joe Biden's nominee for United Nations ambassador, who gave a paid-speech at one several years ago.

“Confucius institutes are paid for by the Chinese communist government,” said Cruz. “We have had repeated problems with espionage and propaganda. That's why the Chinese communist government funds Confucius Institutes.”

You might ask yourself, what exactly is the Confucius Institute? And why are they involved U.S. schools?

“These are class-in-a-box kits that the Chinese government sponsors, sending over teachers, textbooks, funding, everything we need to teach about China. But of course, you will only learn what the Chinese government wants you to know,” Rachelle Peterson, senior research fellow the National Association of Scholars.

Peterson has authored "Outsourced to China: Confucius Institutes and Soft Power in American Higher Education." She says U.S. schools are selling out our students to make a quick buck, while allowing China to soften our stance against communism.

“Colleges and universities get paid by China to offer these courses, and then can turnaround and charge students tuition for the same courses as well.”

“We're talking about millions of dollars each year flowing from the Chinese government into local schools, colleges and universities,” Peterson added. “An average Confucius Institute comes with about $100,000 in annual funding, plus teachers, textbooks and other supplies being sent over for free by the Chinese government.”

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