Your Smart Speakers are Listening and They Know Who You Are!

Smart Speakers are being used by 67% of Americans to do everything from listening to the radio to making a grocery list.. Ernesto Negron, the Director of Security for Hilltop Consultants, says he's not surprised because Americans love convenience. He also warns us that these devices can hear us even when we're not giving a command. "You do have human beings listening to your conversations that are being recorded by these devices. That's the scary part!" Negron says it's another piece of our privacy taken away. And whoever hears us knows who we are. He says, "Most of the devices do require either a mobile phone number or an email address for that device to work."

Negron warns us that these devices are listening to us even when we're not giving a command and that information is passed on. "Having a conversation about a service you're looking for near the device. And all of a sudden you receive an email with an ad for the service you are looking for!" An email address or mobile phone number is supplied when the device is activated. Negron says that as long as we value convenience - and these devices are convenient - over privacy, our privacy will continue to slip away from us.

photo: Getty

Family using a Smart Speaker

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