Biden’s policies are already putting America last

One thing is clear from the first two weeks of Joe Biden's Presidency. 'America First' no longer exists.

We're back in the Paris climate deal. Immigration policy is changed. There was a plan to vaccinate Gitmo detainees before Americans. And political scientist Allan Saxe says the one that hurts most; the cancellation of Keystone.

"It could damage Houston. It could damage Texas," Saxe said, adding that Governor Greg Abbott has already filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

Thousands of jobs already have been lost, and Saxe has a theory as to why it's all happening.

"Biden isn't really the President. He's taking orders. It's a wild guess, but I think he's taking orders from President Obama," Saxe stated.

And as we know, the Obama team weren't big fans of the energy industry during their time in the White House.

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