Abbott to KTRH: If Biden messes with Texas, he better be ready to fight

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a message for President Joe Biden. Don't mess with Texas.

Abbott joined Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer on Houston's Morning News today, and was asked about how the state would handle attacks on the energy industry. In his first two weeks in office, Biden has signaled an attack on the oil sector, cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline. Abbott said if Biden keeps this up, he better have his legal team ready. They'll be as busy then as they were during the Obama Era.

"I was the Attorney General then. I hold a record that no one will ever beat. I sued Obama 31 times," Abbott stated.

And the Biden White House better take a look back at Abbott's record in those 31 cases, too.

"Many of those lawsuits were against Obama's EPA, which is trying to do exactly what Biden is trying to do by shutting down the oil industry. We were successful then," Abbott explained.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton already filed a suit (and got a legal win) against Biden; over the 100-day moratorium on deportations.

Check out the rest of the Abbott interview below.

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