Republicans and Democrats don't agree on much, but they did on two issues

When it comes to public policy, Democrats and Republicans don't see eye to eye on much. But there are two issues where they actually do.

According to Pew, the top two priorities are getting a handle on COVID-19 and getting the economy back to where it was before the virus hit.

"It's an absolute surprise to nobody, and they are linked in so many different ways," political consultant Joe Brettell said.

Brettell also says that means the clock is ticking for Joe Biden, because the midterms will be here sooner than you think.

"No question. He has to deliver faster and in some ways with fewer resources than many Presidents have had in recent history," Brettell explained.

Those two issues being the only ones the left and right agreed on. For example. 72% of Democrats said addressing racism should be a top priority; only 24% of Republicans said the same thing. and while 59% of Democrats wanted climate change to be a policy focus, only 14%.of Republicans agreed.

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