More Americans Support Mandatory COVID Vaccine for Work And Leisure

About one-third of all Americans remain skeptical about the COVID vaccine, but more are growing comfortable with the idea of forcing it onto the general public.

According to Consumer Reports, 66 percent either “agree” or “strongly agree” employers should mandate their workers get it. Another 58 percent agreed you should provide proof for certain activities.

Airlines, cruise lines, governments and even ticket brokers are considering a vaccine mandate for some travel destinations and large sports and music venues.

While the details are still being worked out, University of Houston Law professor Valerie Gutmann Koch says we should brace ourselves.

“I do think that we all need to be thinking about the fact that this is likely to happen,” she says.

Some large corporations are considering a vaccine mandate for employees. However, Koch says federal law does allow for exemptions.

“Employers have to provide medical exemptions to workers that have medical conditions. They also have to provide religious exemptions,” she says.

“But we saw this with the influenza vaccine when we had a particularly bad flu year, where various hospitals and health care providers were mandating vaccination of their employees in order to protect patients that were coming in the door. So this is not unprecedented.”

But she added vaccine mandates won't be very useful from a policy perspective until we know if it reduces or limits transmission.

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