Leftists Want ‘The Next Ted Cruz” Exiled From Name-Brand Universities

Colleges used to be a place where you could have a free exchange of ideas. It still it, but only if you're a liberal.

Colleges were already doing their best to stifle conservative thought. Now you have school newspapers literally calling for universities to "avoid creating the next Ted Cruz." U-H political science professor Jacquie Baly says that goes against everything colleges are supposed to be about.

"It's important for our universities to welcome open conversations; to have an open and honest debate. That's where we start," Baly explained.

Baly is a conservative on a liberal campus. But she says she's never had an issue speaking her mind, or being listened to.

"We have a natural going back and forth. I don't come to the table with emotions. I come to the table with facts," Baly said.

Baly added that she's been at UH-Downtown for about a decade now, and she hasn't had any issues as of yet.

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