Conservatives Worry Kamala Harris is Pushing Joe Biden Further to the Left

Joe Biden has been president for almost two weeks, but no one has likely had more influence on his agenda than his Vice President: Kamala Harris.

Conservatives are voicing their concern after Biden inked more than 40 executive orders, many undoing a host of former President Trump’s policies. The worry is that Harris, who by ranked by one watchdog group as the most liberal Senator in 2019, is pushing the new president even further to the left on issues like abortion, immigration, and energy. Harris already holds a lot of sway as the tie-breaking vote in an evenly divided U.S. Senate.

“Joe Biden is the president. So he has to be accountable for these type of things, but certainly I think Kamala Harris is behind a lot of it, and that’s what a lot of people in Texas had concerns about. They don’t want Texas to become California,” Jonathan Saenz, president of the non-profit Texas Values, said.

He adds we're fortunate in the Lone Star State to have a governor and an attorney general willing to take the Biden administration to court for federal overreach.

“[Biden and Harris are] pulling strings and it seems like the whole thing is unraveling. They’ve now got Democrat members of Congress in Texas that are sending letters to them, asking them to stop some of these executive orders that are impacting the energy sector,” Saenz explained.

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