Fewer Seniors Apply for Federal College Tuition Aid

Texas is seeing a 12% reduction in the number of eligible high school seniors who are applying for what’s known as FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, according to an analysis by TOP Agency titled FAFSA Report. Education expert Jean Burke says filling out the form is required of Texas seniors, but says many families don’t complete all the form, or leave out critical information, and don’t receive the full amount of the benefit for which they are entitled. It’s not income based.

There was a 22% reduction in college students in 2020 compared to the previous year, and a downturn in the number of seniors submitting FAFSA forms in late 2020 (the filing begins in October for 2021 graduates) suggests there may be a reduction in the number of college students this fall. Some were called 2020 a “lost year” for college students. 2021 may be as well, and at some point, institutions of higher learning are going to have to respond wo economic pressures on tuition and fees.

“Colleges will have to bring their costs down in order to draw the families back because people aren’t going to pay full sticker price – full freight – for something their kids could do online,” says Burke.

photo: Getty Images

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