Doctor Concerned Flu Cases Are Being Mislabeled As COVID-19

There's been so much focus on treating COVID-19, many of us might forget January is typically peak flu season.

Doctors at Memorial Hermann and Texas Health officials say flu cases are near historic lows locally and statewide this year. They say there are less patients reporting the flu, and less demand for flu testing. However, Doctor Steven Hotze is concerned flu cases and other respiratory diseases are being lumped together and mislabeled as COVID-19 cases.

“From the get-go, the federal government has paid hospitals that have in-patients hospitalized that are diagnosed with COVID-19 fifteen thousand dollars,” Dr. Hotze told KTRH. “If they go on respirators, fifty-five thousand dollars. There’s an incentive.”

Hotze claims the test available to the public is not specific for COVID-19, but a general test for coronaviruses, which all can result in similar cold-like symptoms.

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