Austin Forecasted To Be the Nation’s Hottest Housing Market of 2021

The capital of Texas is predicted to be America’s hottest housing market in 2021.

Austin leads a number of relatively affordable metro areas that are likely to outperform the country in home value growth. The findings from Zillow are partly thanks to big tech companies making a move from California to the Lone Star State. The question for many Conservatives: will a potential economic boost for Texas bring a wave of liberal voters with it?

“A lot of them are learning their lesson. We’re finding quite a few are signing up as Republicans and they’re willing to try something new. Now, given, they might not change their spiritual beliefs or their moral philosophies overnight, but economically they’re starting to see the light,” Andy Hogue, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party, told KTRH.

Hogue says he’s been talking with new state residents who have moved to the Austin metropolitan area. He says many of them are willing to listen to new ideas. He is optimistic many Texans will continue to promote and support conservative values.

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