Blue Exodus from California Could Reshape Texas Politics

There's growing fear the blue exodus from California to Texas, and New York to Florida, could change the nation's political map.

However, the data so far shows those moving here are helping keep Texas red.

“Four polls say people who move to Texas, which is about 40 percent of voters are not natives, that non-natives are more conservative than native Texans,” say Chuck DeVore, vice president of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

DeVore points to Republicans retaining control of the Texas Legislature this past November. However, the tech companies moving to Austin and Houston are bringing more liberal-minded employees.

“Should we raise taxes and institute a state income tax and make our regulations as goofy and stupid as they are in California just to keep the Californians out? No. It doesn't work that way.”

DeVore thinks politics has become more rural versus urban and blue collar versus white collar.

“The bigger distinctions we're beginning to see in America are where do you live? And do you have a college degree or an advanced degree?” he says. “That's far more likely going to be determinative of how you're going to vote than where you moved from.”

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